Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Here!

Hey! Correspondence No. 2 is now available! Look here:

Not only is the book very handsome, it also contains a ridiculous amount of terrific writing. There is poetry of all sorts, some of it illustrated; a Möbius strip (kind of); essays on gender, hipsters, and the cannon; fiction; the kitchen sink! Seriously read it! Right now you can find it at our Online Store --- or you can order a copy the old fashioned way: email (thecorrespondingsociety; we use gmail). Oh, yes.


Turtle Islander said...

Who designed this thing, the people at McSweeney's? What is this victorian European turn of the century garbage?

Anonymous said...

Christopher M, you'd better send me one of these since I have no money and am solely responsible for spreading awareness of these Corresponding Society books in Texas. And because I legit paid for the last one.

The Corresponding Society said...

Matt: I happen to like the look of the new issue. For the cover, we gave our friend Wadih an envelope and told him to create a pattern out of it. The McSweeney's comparison rather offends me.

Jack: Times are hard all over, pal!


Turtle Islander said...

Chris, I was just jesting. I like it. It's neat and professional looking. Much better than that stab in the dark I took. Keep it up. And more importantly, send me one! I refuse to pay.

3201 Guilford Ave. Apt 2
Baltimore, MD 21218

Rrose Sélavy said...

"Victorian turn of the century garbage."
I think it looks appropriate. do you happen to have a site or blog? I'm painfully curious to see your work