Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There Will Be Readings

Spring Break Aught-Nine Roadshow: Beginning Friday the 13th, five poets are going to get in a car and visit a bunch of cities to introduce new populations to Correspondence in anticipation of the release of issue two. The travelers will be Adrian Shirk, C. Sweeney, Greg Afinogenov, Robert Snyderman, and Chanelle Bergeron (with special guests along the way, including Beenish Ahmed, Lonely Christopher, and unspecified musicians); they will subsist on non-perishable food and sleep in improvised arrangements. This exhausting project will conclude back on familiar turf with a show at a new community center in Williamsburg. According the our schemes, The Corresponding Society will be invading Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Madison, Pittsburg, Buffalo, and Amherst --- bringing our roadshow to coffee shops, bookstores, cafes, theaters, The University of Michigan, and possibly even a funeral home. We have tried to compile all the details together on the Events Page of our website, where even more information will be posted re the tour as it is confirmed. Locals: do not fail to welcome the weary poets home at our Williamsburg reading. Provincials: do not miss the chance to witness firsthand these representatives of The Corresponding Society if they come through your town. Fun fact: out of all the touring writers, C. Sweeney is the only one who can drive, although unlicensed Robert Snyderman has vowed to learn stick on the road. There will be adventure and, surely, misadventure. Scary fun.

A word from our friends: The Agriculture Reader, a journal edited by Correspondence contributor Jeremy Schmall, is celebrating the release of a third issue (featuring work by Dennis Cooper, Christian Hawkey, and Eileen Myles)! Read all about it on their website here. A celebratory event has been announced, consequently. There will be discounts! Mike McDonough, another Correspondence contributor this time around, will also be reading. The details are as follows:

Event: The Agriculture Reader #3 Launch
Venue: Stain Bar
Location: 766 Grand St, Brooklyn
Date: April 2
Time: 7:30pm
Featured Readers: Mike McDonough, Justin Marks, Sharon Mesmer, and Mark Doten

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Brian Schild said...

I met and fell in love with Adrian on State in Madison. We talked on and on about my cats and about her Hell'n.
I am enjoying No. 1 and will seek No 2 in the future.