Friday, March 20, 2009

(Three) More Announcements

The Corresponding Society in Williamsburg. Remember! our spring tour will conclude this Sunday, back in Brooklyn, at a new community space in Williamsburg. If you are in town you are entirely encouraged to come and welcome the traveling poets back from a perilous journey. Unfortunately, Chris Sweeney will not be among the featured readers; he was arrested in Ohio and has a court date on Tuesday. But! the new issue of Correspondence will be there (and wine, probably). The landlord of this new venue has respectfully asked that nobody overdose during the event. Details:

Address: 99 South 6th Street, Brooklyn
Date: March 22
Time: 8pm
Featured Readers: Chanelle Bergeron, Lonely Christopher, Greg Afinogenov, Robert Snyderman, Adrian Shirk

Tallon at the Bowery Poetry Club. Correspondence contributor and filmmaker Tallon is up to no good at the Bowery Poetry Club next week. Here’s some info:

Event: Trance-Psychotic Fetish Bodies (a Film & Video Phantasmagoria)
Venue: The Bowery Poetry Club
Address: 308 Bowery
Date: March 25
Time: 8pm
Tickets: $10 (at door)
Curator: Tallon
Featuring: Pawel Wojtasik of Martos Gallery, New York
& Almagul Menlibayeva of Priska C. Juschka Gallery, New York
And: Come see the cock-pump god-children of Kenneth Anger & Stan Brakhageconjure the punk-shamanic test-tube-daughters of Maya Deren & Jack Smith! Absinthe! Magick Lanterns! A movie mad-marriage of the prurient & pure cinematic union of the depraved & sacred.

Dance at PS 122. Correspondence contributor Bruce Andrews is the music director for Sally Silvers and Dancers. He worked on the dance project Yessified, which is going to be at PS 122 from March 22 to 29. More about Yessified: “Whiteness is on the hook and down for the hybrid. Silvers answers the seductive call of a stable/single racial life by outing and othering it. Whiteness as symbiotic, open face Blackness. Sudden turns and shocks, bleed-throughs and angularity, pivoting centers, conflict embrace -- a new world is ever unexplored and the night's secret is to make the day swing blue.”

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