Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bloggy Links

On her blog, Adrian Shirk offers part one of a firsthand account of the Corresponding Society spring tour. She mentions the car breaking down, but doesn’t get to the driver being arrested later in the week. Her essay includes the quote: “They tried to tell me I had ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder’ or some shit but I just wanted to kill a lot of fuckin’ people.”

Relatedly, the touring poets can now be glimpsed on our website’s new picture page. The ensemble portrait (taken at Schoen books of Massachusetts) provides disturbing evidence that the editors of this press all look like either hippies or redneck Appalachian mountain folk. Importantly, this is not the case --- we are all thoroughly modern (and we hate hippies). Still: a friend of ours looked at that picture and shrieked, “The Manson family!”

Information re the Corresponding Society reading on the 23rd is now available on the online calendar of the KGB Bar.

Also, you have not ordered a copy of Correspondence No. 2 yet. What’s the problem? (Aka: wtf?) Order it here.

Unrelatedly, Lonely Christopher was found pictured in a photo essay, in Impose Magazine, called Throw Noise Shows in Your Basement. (As usual, he is drinking beer, sitting alone, and staring despondently at the ceiling.)

And know this: Helen Wu curated a show called Seeds of the Wild at the Puffin Room. You are invited to attend the opening reception this Saturday at 6pm. The show features work by Tallon, Ray Ray Mitrano, and Robert Snyderman. More details here.


E said...

Christopher does not look so lonely. I hope to see you all reading soon.

The Corresponding Society said...

Come to the KGB reading! (PS: I added you to the "membership roster.")

Anonymous said...

I wish this blog would veer in a Gossip Girly direction and just be entirely about places Lonely Christopher was spotted.

"My sources tell me a certain LC was seen buying malt liquor at 4 AM at the convenience store."

"LC was overheard on the phone discussing Iowa marriage plans with a mysterious fellow who we'll call J."