Sunday, April 18, 2010

Play Records

We have discovered some new media related to recent dramatic endeavors of two familiar poet-dramatists, viz. Robert Snyderman and Lonely Christopher, who have both collaborated with others for productions of their own scenarios for the stage.
The first item is an audio recording of an event put on at Philadelphia’s Mostly Books. Robert Snyderman had previously presented the play he created --- with Lisandre Whitty, Gabrielle Doyon-Hanson, Chanelle Bergeron, and Christopher Sweeney --- as part of “The Institutionalized Theater presents a Night of Superstition and Intellect,” a run of three short plays at Red Hook’s Jalopy Theatre. Shortly thereafter The Fingertips of the Vital Blackbirds: A Ballad traveled to Philadelphia for a challenging performance in a bookstore (much different, logistically, from the theater it premiered in). The event also featured a reading by Ish Klein, author of Union!. The recording of this entire event can be found here!

Secondly, a video recording of the latest play by Lonely Christopher is now online; the play was given two performances in Alphabet City as part of the “Way of the Word: Poems to Plays” program, a collaboration between Republic Worldwide and Everywhere Theater. The play is titled Pages from a Course in General Linguistics; it was directed by Teddy Nicholas; the sound design was by Brendan Byrne; and the cast included T. Ramon Campbell (A), Tricia Cramer (B), and Kristopher W. Imperati (Z). To watch the videotaped version of the encore presentation, find it here!

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