Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Into is Out!

My, my: are those of The Corresponding Society ever busy these days! We officially launched issue 3 of Correspondence, magnificent journal that, early March (at the KGB Bar)… and have been running around ever since, distract with projects of all sorts. Richard Loranger and Lonely Christopher celebrated the issue three release with a reading in San Francisco’s Mission; we hosted a queer birthday party, moderated by the wonderful Rachel Levistky, at Unnameable Books; our associates from The Institutionalized Theater put on a run of plays, in Red Hook, from Correspondence contributors; Robert Snyderman took his collaborative play to Philadelphia; our friends at Republic Worldwide produced another run of one-acts featuring dramatic work from two members of TCS; Lonely Christopher went to Denver with Ryan Doyle May to represent The Corresponding Society at the annual AWP conference and book fair (sharing a table with our compatriots from Small Anchor and Flying Guillotine presses); and now comes even more giant news!

Seven CirclePress is proud to announce the publication of a new collection of long form poems from three of the founding members of The Corresponding Society: Christopher Sweeney, Robert Snyderman, and Lonely Christopher. The collection, Into, brings together four poems by these three young writers; four poems related in enigmatic and resonant ways, thematically and emotionally, while remaining utterly different and illustrative of the unique approaches of each poet. Together this triad have forged a wild, esoteric, deconstructionist, archetypal dream-rant that simultaneously evokes and destroys, embraces and rejects, the root forces of our Western literary tradition. It is a book of deepening, each page representing a further step into the spaces of the world. Featuring a thorough and thoughtful introduction by scholar and comrade Greg Afinogenov.

Christian Hakwey (Citizen Of, VENTRAKL) says of this project: “INTO is a book of three first books, each composed by three authors, and it constitutes a travelogue and trialogue of possible approaches, paths, procedures, all to discover the mountain, and how it takes—to do this—the place of a poem. it is also a book about place: the place of the page, one's place in the history of pages, and the absence of place that defines poetry's essential openness. jab├Ęs called this absence love. snyderman calls it the mountain. sweeney, face. and lonely christopher: earth trembles / destroy nothing /hold it back // place is the sentence."

Into is now available to preorder through the Seven CirclePress website; it will officially be released on April 30. In the meantime, to celebrate and promote this volume, authors Christopher Sweeney, Robert Snyderman, and Lonely Christopher are hitting the road with a carful of advance copies of Into; beginning on the 14th, they embark on a reading tour that will bring together this current poetic undertaking, the machinations of The Corresponding Society, and communities of poets across the East and into the North! The poets kick this thing off in Brooklyn, returning to Unnameable Books (the best bookstore in NYC, incidentally), before running into a gaggle of New Philadelphia poets in Fishtown, taking on Providence, tearing it up at Harvard, enjoying the hospitality of Nathanial Otting in Massachusetts (in a joint launch featuring Brian Foley), before finally headed up to Canada to finish in Montreal! Below are the details of the tour, insofar as they have been able to be assembled, in case you or somebody you know is in the vicinity of one of these not-to-miss happenings:

Seven CirclePress, in Association with The Corresponding Society, presents “Into is Out!” an adventure in poetics and independent publishing!

Venue: Unnameable Books
Location: 600 Vanderbilt, Brooklyn
Date: 14 April
Time: 8pm
Featured Readers: Christopher Sweeney, Robert Snyderman, Lonely Christopher, Adam Tobin

Venue: BookSpace
Location: 1113 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown (Philadelphia)
Date: 15 April
Time: 7pm
Featured Readers: Christopher Sweeney, Robert Snyderman, Lonely Christopher, Adrian Shirk, Debrah Morkun, Patrick Lucy, Jamie Townsend, Marion Bell, Gregory Bem, Carlos Soto Roman, Sarah Heady, Brandon Holmquest, & Hailey Higdon

Venue: Ada Books
Location: 717 Westminster St (Providence, RI)
Date: 16 April
Time: 7pm
Featured Readers: Christopher Sweeney, Robert Snyderman, Lonely Christopher

Venue: Gato Rojo Coffee Shop (Lehman Hall)
Location: Harvard University
Date: 17 April
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Featured Readers: Gregory Afinogenov, Christopher Sweeney, Robert Snyderman, Lonely Christopher, special guests

Venue: The Red & White House
Location: 39 West St (Northampton, MA)
Date: 18 April
Time: 3-4pm
Featured Readers: Brian Foley, Christopher Sweeney, Robert Snyderman, Lonely Christopher

Special Note: The final stop on the Into tour will be Montreal, on Tuesday the 20th --- featured readers will include Robert and Sweeney (Lonely doesn’t have a passport) and possible special guests; details on this exciting extra-national reading will be made available presently on our events page!

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