Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dead Letters

Hello. As it appears, The Corresponding Society has taken an unannounced hiatus from this blog. Do not fear, it is only temporary. We’ve been living on a farm, writing poems on the Brooklyn Bridge, studying in Berlin, and making new chapbooks. So, busy. We will return to this poor neglected blog soon with a series of entries about our forthcoming chapbook line, “What Where.” Until then, if you are that rare creature who reads what we post here, you’re in luck. We’ve been posting essays and interviews here for years; there is a bunch of possibly distracting writing available in our archives in lieu of a recent update. For your convenience, here is a neat list of some of our articles you might like to peruse. These are some favorites, anyway, or the few anybody once said anything about. These poor things, so long ignored, should at least be mentioned again. And, again, the hiatus’ spell is waning.

Selections from the Archive
old & forgotten essays & miscellany of bygone years

On Why There is No Definition of a Hipster. A critical attempt at reading contemporary hipster culture (part of our ill-fated “hipster week” theme).

Richard Loranger, Mammal of Verse. A profile of the greatest poet you’ve never read (unless, of course, you've read our journal).

Interview with Kenneth Goldsmith. Kenny G talks about Warhol, the Internet, and why he hates creative writing programs.

The World Is Round and You Can Go on It Around and Around. Richard Loranger hosts Lonely Christopher in San Francisco.

Placing Rhapsody in Blue. Adrian Shirk, fiction writer, on her relationship to Gershwin.

Who Cares if You Read?. A poet’s argument against meaning, kind of. (In an article about a recent Supermachine reading in Brooklyn, this essay was cited as evidence that Lonely Christopher doesn’t believe in poetry.)

A Night at the Opera. Richard Foreman and John Zorn at the Ontological-Hysteric.

The Four Seasons. Robert Snyderman on Cy Twombly.

Irony’s Poetics. A convoluted and unfinished study on irony (also, the reason why the blog gets so many Google hits for the line “Like rain on your wedding day").

Why Meadow?. Lonely Christopher on the poetry of Robert Snyderman.

Interview with James Hannaham. Novelist James Hannaham discusses Hassidic Jews at gay bars, gays exorcisms at Baptist churches, and how he nearly ended up with a role on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

All Warhol. The problem of Andy Warhol, philosopher.

The Epistemology of Emo. What does it mean to be an “emo kid”?

Sentimentalist’s Complaint. New technology, such as the Kindle, threatens a stubborn attachment to the book as object (and also it ruins creepy subway fun).

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