Sunday, June 7, 2009

Westerly Readings

Corresponding Society members Adrian Shirk, Bob Snyderman, and Sweeney have all headed westward for the summer and shall be making some appearances in bookstores and sundry other venues around California, Oregon, and &c. They will be joined by friends. Below, please find some information about two such events.

Venue: Books and Bookshelves
Location: 99 Sanchez (at 14th St), San Francisco, CA
Date: June 15
Time: 7:30pm
Featured Readers: Julien Poirier, Robert Snyderman, Chris Sweeney, Adrian Shirk

Venue: Reading Frenzy
Location: 921 SW Oak Street, Portland, Oregon
Date: June 17
Time: 6pm
Featured Readers: Chris Sweeney, Adrian Shirk, Robert Snyderman, Scott Poole, Christopher Brean Murray
Featured Music: Joe Batt

Here’s biographical data on the exciting (very) special guests:

Julien Poirier was born in San Francisco in 1970. As well as writing poems, he has done time as an editor (Ugly Duckling Presse, Gneiss Press) and as a public school poetry teacher in New York City. He prefers to work to a captive audience of 5th-graders in the outer boroughs of that city. Books include Absurd Good News (Insert Press, 2006) and Living! Go and Dream (UDP, 2005).

Joe Batt is a singer-songwriter from Olympia, Washington. He started performing as a college student in the Midwest and Montana, and he played in various rock groups. He continues to write songs about food, religion, relationships, and cows, when not busy with his day job as an art professor. He will travel, with his guitar and banjo, to any art event, farmer’s market, or poetry reading, if there is an audience willing to listen to his original tunes and reinterpretations of Elvis, Charlie Pride, or Holy Model Rounders numbers.

Scott Poole is the author of two books for poetry, The Cheap Seats and Hiding from Salesmen. He is also the "house poet" for Oregon Public Broadcasting's Live Wire! radio show. He lives in Vancouver, Washington and is a software developer.

Christopher Brean Murray was born New Jersey. His poems have appeared in Jubilat, Cutbank, Hoboeye, and Fou Magazine. Recently, he was a featured reader at the Hoboeye Poetry Palooza. He teaches writing at Mount Hood Community College and Portland Community College.

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