Thursday, June 25, 2009

Out of the Way Readings

Coming Soon to Jim Thorpe. Did you know of such a place as the distinctly christened town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania? It exists. We hear tell it’s called thus in honor of an Olympian of much praise; before he took the world by storm the town was considered Mauch Chunk, which is differently delightful. A place with such unique nominal history sounds like the perfect destination for the Corresponding Society; indeed! a carful of members from this very group’ll be arriving in Jim Thorpe this weekend for a trans-modal happening in a local bookstore --- hosted by the auspicious resident of nearby Bucky Mountain, Mr. Jody Buchman (dear associate). There will be amazing guitar picking, poetry reciting, a one-act play about Andy Warhol, probably some treats and libations, plus a much-anticipated drunken campfire! So, if you have a car, or something, and are within traveling distance of this sure-to-be-charming destination, you’re totally encouraged to join us for a rowdy and wonderful time! Here are details for you:

Venue: Sellers Bookstore
Location: 62 W. Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA
Date: June 27
Time: 7pm
Featured Readers: Jody Buchman, special guests from the Corresponding Society
Featured Plays: “I Am Happy” by Lonely Christopher
Featured Music: Jeff Regina

The Very Same Day in Seattle. Meanwhile, some other members of the Corresponding Society will be visiting Seattle for a reading. Here is some official copy re that event: A hoard of young people will descend on our store [Pilot Books --- ed.] to read out loud the things they’ve written. They come to us from the Corresponding Society as part of their nation-wide hitchhiking tour [no such tour exists to my knowledge ---ed.]. Authors include but are not limited to: Christopher Sweeney, editor-in-chief of Correspondence [we’ve basically done away with the title of editor-in-chief, though --- ed.], a biannual literary journal distributed by The Corresponding Society; Adrian Shirk, a short fiction, long poem, family mythology, literature-to-be-read-aloud, and how-to writer from Portland; Robert Snyderman, roving poet and experimental theater writer/director/designer.

Venue: Pilot Books
Location: 219 Broadway E, Seattle, Wa
Date: June 27
Time: 5pm
Featured Readers: Bob Snyderman, C. Sweeney, Adrian Shirk, possible special guests

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