Saturday, February 21, 2009

2 Articles Re Correspondence 2

Correspondence No. 2 is nearly prepared to go to print. This thing is going to be a monster of grace. I don’t even know what I want to mean by that, but the book has muscles. I wasn’t aware of this when it was happening, but we found ways to spend our entire budget on this issue, which is considerably longer than its predecessor, features a handsome cover, an unreasonable amount of strong work by a team of returning contributors as well as distinct new writers (and special guests Richard Loranger and Bruce Andrews), the text on the spine will be printed correctly this time, and the thing even has a barcode. It’s nigh.

There are schemes for convergences to coincide with this forthcoming release. The Corresponding Society is set to return to The KGB Bar (the site of our premiere) on April 23rd to celebrate the journal with a reading in everyone’s favorite Communist-themed literary venue featuring alcohol. More details will be made available presently. Some sort of spring tour is also being considered, which would see a carful of Brooklyn poets driving around to universities, bookstores, and wherever else to make friends and perform a floorshow. I suffer from carsickness, and declined an invitation to travel to China that week (to participate in some literary festival) --- so that I could stay in my room, crying --- so I’m not too involved with these preparations… but I think that Michigan and Washington DC are at least two possible stops. I believe C. Sweeney will likely be one of the readers because he’s the only one of us who drives a car. If you happen to be reading this and are capable of and interested in hosting The Corresponding Society at your school, community center, salon, bar, music hall, or club --- email us re the possibility.


Turtle Islander said...

Who did the cover this time?

The Corresponding Society said...

The cover is by an erstwhile graphic design student at Pratt. The design is based upon an envelope I found on the floor of my room.