Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Visit Our Website, Visit Our Website, Visit Our Website

In an attempt to overcome a neurotic fear and distrust of technology, and to embrace the futuristic model of e-commerce, Sweeney purchased a domain, or whatever one does to buy notional online real estate, with plans to establish a website to represent our press with the grammar of the 21st Century. Subsequently we learned that it did not require a hired design team we couldn’t afford to build a website that reflected the same minimal aesthetic demonstrated by our journal (though we remain technophobes incapable of proficiently understanding the simplest interface). So we made a website, we did that. Look at it’s pretty name:


(Right now we can’t figure out how to make it so we can visit it without typing the triad of ws before it, so keep that in mind.) While it will supplement instead of usurp this our neglected and unvisited blog, there are several features available there and not here that we think are nice additions and might prove worthy of investigation by interested parties (web parties, in this instance). Firstly, and this is one small step for mankind but really big-seeming to us, we are now able to receive orders for Correspondence through PayPal at our store (which will contain but one item for a while, obviously). Also something we’re working on constructing is the Author Catalog that will include pages for individual writers involved with the press containing online archives for both fans and scholars (students writing their theses on Robert Snyderman will now have improved reference materials). Now it has been announced; we hope there is some interest.

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