Monday, July 14, 2008

Inaugural Arrival

The first issue of Correspondence (a journal of letters) exists and we possess it! The shiny paperback book, 170 pages in length and collecting new writing from twenty contributors, was printed in a limited edition of 300 and is available, quite cheaply, for eight bucks. Behold the artifact (featuring cover by artist Matthew Fox):

While it’s possible we might eventually figure out how to use Internet technology such as the so-called Pay-Pal system to make Correspondence conveniently available to consumers worldwide at one button’s touch, what interested parties ought to do in the interim is write us at with an expression of intent to purchase a copy⎯and somebody will respond with instructions re mailing a cheque, money order, or loose bill to the Corresponding Society in exchange for our valuable product. Also, copies will be on hand at our celebratory reading at the KGB Bar on Tuesday (see previous announcement for more details)⎯and will be available sporadically from transient poetry salesmen in Tompkins Square, Union Square, and Central Parks as well. This inaugural issue is the result of uncommon attempts at organization and diligent labor from a congregation of disorderly but resolute writers and we pray to our absent god that there are those around who will accept this gesture of publication with interest.

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