Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Entry in Three Parts

There is a development re our email address: we have one. It’s Most of us are deeply afraid of technology, but we’ll try to manage in the event somebody finds it necessary to write us. I would like to editorialize now by insinuating that our editor-in-chief hates technology so much he threw his cellular telephone into a lake, but that’s not entirely relevant.

Internet Miscellany
Poem Shop, a project several contributors to Correspondence participate in, has an Internet presence. Those unfamiliar with the enterprise might visit that website to learn more. Incidentally, last month a photograph of Mr. Robert Snyderman (on the job with his typewriter) was described, in a blog entry re poet Max Bodenheim by Al Filreis, as capturing “the early-summer post-communist post-modernist Bodenheimian sensibility perfectly.” Also on the Internet, Jason Tallon reports on Kenneth Anger at the Anthology Film Archives here (Anger didn’t materialize, but half of the program was by Amy Greenfield and she was there and said a few words).

Do not forget: The Corresponding Society will be at the KGB Bar on the 15th at 7pm. See below. The journal is finally arriving this week and details will be forthcoming.

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