Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Statement on the Corresponding Society

The writers that make up the Corresponding Society do not share an aesthetics or a politics. But we send messages to one another⎯electronic or typewritten, mundane or profound, across the ocean or across a room. Correspondence is the child of this network. It is a collection, already obsolete and laughably partial, of our conversations; and it is itself a letter from an old friend, bearing the stale gossip of a world you, perhaps, no longer remember. It is also a collection of correspondences: the contents, however different, are always enmeshed in unstable juxtapositions, standoffs, claims and counter-claims. They bear the traces of conversations long past and portend those yet to come. So read our letters⎯and send us your own.

⎯ Gregory Afinogenov (Contributing Editor)

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