Friday, May 23, 2008

Re Correspondence

The first issue of Correspondence is constituted by a terrific heterogeneity of poetry (sometimes verse metered syllabically, sometimes structurally repetitious blocks of prose), fiction, work defiant of categorization, aerial ballet, and critical essays from a variant group of authors of determination. Correspondence was not predicated upon a manifesto serving to codify what is published within it, nor do its diverse contributors subscribe to a unified artistic intentionality; rather what has been collected is important new work by emerging writers accompanied by the presence of previously unpublished material from established talents. The consistency is in a dedication to producing work that fully engages with the possibilities of the word. This journal represents a congregation of busy minds involved in exuberant discourses while remaining wholly distinct. I think the Corresponding Society was founded as a way for its editors and contributors to struggle gloriously to create something that wouldn’t otherwise exist. This needs to exist because we refuse to be still and want to send out a space probe.

⎯Lonely Christopher (Web Editor)

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